Leading from Alignment

Rachel Jenkins, Number #1 Amazon Best Selling Author of F.R.E.E.D.O.M., International Results Coach and Neurological Re-Patterning Trainer is passionate about helping you unlock your ability to lead your life from a space of alignment.

Rachel can personally show you how to....

  • Learn her simple 'Rise and Shine' daily practise to help you live in alignment 

  • Remove energy blocks and feel totally empowered to move forward with ease 

  • Use these intensely successful techniques that have worked for hundreds of her clients to powerfully create a life that they love

Leading from Alignment 

This extraordinary mentoring programme is a wake up call to show you how easily

you can Lead from Alignment in all areas of your life.

Leading from Alignment

Starts Anytime

The course structure:

  • Life Access to a membership site with 8 video modules for the duration of the programme’s existence & video content for life.

  • Access to join LIVE 'Rise and Shine' Meditations, LIVE Question and Answer sessions with Rachel on the first three Monday’s of each month for six months.

  • Support from Rachel for six months through her Private Facebook Community with daily motivation and results coaching to help keep you on track.

This Ground-Breaking Programme, which commences with a 7-day reset is easily accessible on her online membership site along with other online video modules.

LIVE training and support is provided in Rachel’s Private Facebook group. Which you can access in the privacy of your own home or office with minimal disruption on your tablet, laptop or mobile.

Online video training modules will be provided in addition to the LIVE Facebook events on a separate, simple online membership site with life-long access.


  • Would you like to wake up to a life you LOVE every day?
  • Are you ready to breakthrough and create this?
  • On a scale of 1-10 how committed are you to make changes to get there?
  • If your answers are a resounding YES and a definite TEN and you feel both scared and excited right now then book yourself in for a free 30-minute consultation with Rachel to establish how learning to become a powerful manifestor will easily change your life.
  • Simply drop her an email today.
  • Are YOU ready to make that change?

    6 Months

    Lifetime access to your teachings PLUS receive 6 months LIVE access to Rachel


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    What Do Others Say?

    "During the 6 months of the coaching programme, I have lost 2 stone and feel much better with myself. My earnings have increased. Stress levels have decreased. I’ve managed to pay a lump sum off my mortgage and treated myself to artwork that I would never previously have thought affordable."

    Sarah Jane Brown - Artist

    Andrea Evans Consultant Clinical Psychologist

    “I have a completely different mind-set, positive, growing, excited, soaring! I feel like a different person…….I have a better finger on the budget pulse and now have a new car which 6 months ago, just wasn’t even a possibility. Working with Rachel is life-changing."

    Andrea Evans - Consultant Clinical Psychologist

    Rachel is passionate about sharing her Rise and Shine practise.

    Her practise unlocks challenges in the mind and activates the heart and soul to align with long-lasting change strategies which deepen connection with self and source.

    Creating a lifestyle which is in full alignment with the deep wisdom which exists within all of us enables enlightened living, strong meaningful relationships with self and others and an ability to access genius capabilities.

    Staying strong, resillient and true to ourselves, trusting in our abilities, our insights and innate wisdom enables us to create from a space of self-mastery and love.

    The world that we live in requires leadership, self-leadership.

    Stepping into our truth and living a fully empowered life on our own terms creates a life of freedom which we all deserve to enjoy.

    Rachel re-discovered total faith in herself and a higher consciousness on her journey to overcome deep trauma. This enables her to now enjoy a deep sense of peace and freedom in everything that she does. 

    Her passion is to help you unlock your ability to step into your freedom in all areas of your life too.

    "Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality " Albert Einstein