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Jerome Flynn, Actor

The rise and shine programme has been a wonderful journey of reconnection to the heart. It has given me simple tools that greatly help me to call in and create the way I want to live and feel each day.

Through daily practice the rewiring of thought and behavioural patterns is helping to bring me back to the truth that joyfull engagement with life really is in my hands and that the transformative power of self love is always available to us if we will just let it in. Wonderful stuff Rachel thank you!


Shion Ulrike Buschner

Acupuncturist and Health Coach

What brings such power to the Rise and Shine program are Rachel's unique fusion of skills as a high level International Performance Coach, NLP and Reiki Master Practitioner. Moreover Rachel's open hearted approach to problem solving makes this whole program real, relevant and possible to just about anyone who is commitment to change and expects results. I have been guided by Rachel for nearly a year and my life has been transformed in more ways than one. A great opportunity, not to be missed!!!!!


Belinda Ray

Thanks to Rachel's expertise and practical magic toolbox ... I love how I am now creating a new positive force field in my life. Cultivating the habits of honouring and getting to know how to work with my highest potential. That's energising.

A big change to my life has been spotting more of the sneaky sabotage tricks of my mind and then creating great strategies to overcome them. I now feel so much more compassion and acceptance for myself and others with all our foibles. That's inner peace.

My childlike creativity is beginning to flow again.  That's wonderful. When you do this practise daily, you build vision, self belief, effective strategies to keep you moving towards your goals... a feeling of buoyancy and real resilience.  You're prepared for whatever it takes to create the life you were born to live.

If you feel like you need to change things ... to start really living from your heart and soul, to access your own inner guidance, get more creative and trusting in life .... Just do it. Sign up. And DO IT. You won't be disappointed.

Rachel is definitely on to something powerfully transformative for the common good here.

I'm deeply grateful and inspired by her big hearted 'vision in action' to share this practise far and wide. The world needs this. Come Rise and Shine!

Lucy Noble

Lucy Nobel

I love doing Rise and Shine. When I signed up originally I was concerned that it would take a lot of effort to turn up twice a day but, once I had rearranged my schedule a little, I find little effort is required and I look forward to each session. Since starting I understand more about what is important to me and how I need to prioritise those things without guilt. I feel much happier and everyone around me has noticed this change.

It is nearly a year since I started. There have been short breaks when I have been very busy but I always come back to it, knowing that when I am committed my life flows easily and effortlessly, regardless of any challenges I face. This programme has been life changing for me. Paying close attention to my emotions every day and knowing that I can change how I feel is amazing. It has positively effected all aspects of my life. Working with Rachel is a joy. I appreciate the energy and care she brings to all the sessions and I feel deeply supported

Feedback for "Perform",


Sophie Wellan

"I love the generosity of spirit of our coach, Rachel, the rest of the group and the continuity of the support of the programme.

I now feel more trusting in the process of things. I am more confident and feel that my values are honed. I have made strong decisions about my future and not listened to my mind. I have realised that my thoughts are responsible for my reality, and to harness mind-power.

My experience of Rachel’s group coaching programme has been uplifting, compassionate, empathic, powerful and transforming.

Any one who is held back by their beliefs and self-doubts will benefit from working with Rachel."


Anna-Marie Price

"The group was really positive and really easy to get along with. Since working with Rachel, I can see more clearly now. I am aware of what I need to do and that it is down to me to get where I want to be.

I am feeling happier and am gaining in confidence."


Sarah Jane Brown

"I loved the safe and supportiveness of the group and 1-1 coaching. I was inspired and motivated by others and was gently held accountable.

I am now calmer and more balanced. Being present makes everything easier to cope with. I feel more centred and trusting.

During the 6 months of the coaching programme, I have lost 2 stone and feel much better with myself. My earnings have increased. Stress levels have decreased. I’ve managed to pay a lump sum off my mortgage and treated myself to artwork that I would never previously have thought affordable.

I would recommend Perform to anyone who has a dream and an open mind."

poppie flower


"I am now seeing with clarity, direction and am moving forwards. I am focused. I have realised that I have infinite possibilities, I have a lot to offer and that I have no barriers to success."


Leona Ralph

"I have loved the camaraderie of everyone’s support, honesty and being surrounded by fabulous women who are on a similar journey.

I can now see what is possible with focus and have learnt that when you know the outcome you want, the steps can be put in place to get there.

Working with Rachel provides a great lesson in who you are, who you can be and how to get there."


Jolette Le Roux

"Doing "Perform" has been an invaluable and life changing experience! I am well equipped now with amazing tools to support me and my business. Rachel is a super coach and fantastic facilitator who leads by example!

To be honest, I dont think there is the right words to describe how valuable this experience has been to me!"I highly recommend!!"


Andrea Kynock

"I loved the relaxed, supportive atmospheres with wonderful people sharing experiences.

I have greater clarity since working with Rachel.

I am able to stop in a rushed moment and calm and ground myself. I am mentally calmer, more confident, lost weight, become even more mindful and am finding different ways to bring in income.

When you work with Rachel, your thought patterns will change for the better. You will be inspired, supported, motivated to change or make changes in your life to move you forward."


Andrea Evans

"Since working with Rachel, being energised and positive has flowed into my whole life for good, at work, friendships, business and life generally.

I loved the strong women, the cheer leading energy and support, the 1:1 wisdom from Rachel and skill in this either as 1:1 or group. I loved learning, growing and re-discovering my passion.

I have a completely different mind-set, positive, growing, excited, soaring! I feel like a different person.

The biggest changes that have happened since I started Perform are an earlier bed-time, better diet, kept weight off and I function better in the day time. I have a better finger on the budget pulse and now have a new car which 6 months ago, just wasn’t even a possibility.

Working with Rachel is life-changing."

Feedback for "Transform",

a 12-month integrated group and 1-1 coaching programme for women entrepreneurs, to create positive change and transformation in all aspects of their lives.


Pam Messer

"Working with Rachel, is an investment in personal and business well-being that transcends cost."


Sarah Hyde

"Since working with Rachel for the last 12 months, I have less guilt, More awareness that I can make changes, I can ask for whatever I want, I can get whatever I want, boundaries are crucial and I am enough.

My experience of doing Perform and Transform with Rachel during the last 12 months has lead me to realise that Mindset is everything – you can do whatever you want if you believe it. You are in control."

Feedback for Create Your Perfect Weight (CYPW) Programme 2017

An 8- week programme co-created by Rachel and the Nutrition Detectives to enable balance through food. Each client has their own nutritional plan based on a natural, non invasive diagnostics process called kinesiology. This is done at the beginning of the 8-week mindset and results coaching programme, which is delivered by Rachel. Clients are then re-tested by the Nutrition Detectives at the end of the 8-week coaching programme to support ongoing progress and develop their understandings of how to sustain their own unique needs.


Ruth Woodage

"I loved every moment of CYPW. Everything about my eating habits is different. I am far more positive about food. I’m free from guilt, I feel in control.

The biggest change that has happned since starting CYPW is freedom from guilt of eating rubbish (mental) and feeling fantastic (physical).

Create Your Perfect Weight is BRILLIANT! Do it without hesitation if you feel you want to change."


Rachel Warlow

"Create Your Perfect Weight is life changing, enlightening and empowering.

I loved having such an excellent life coach teaching, empowering and leading us. I also loved that we all gelled as a group and have travelled so far on our respective journeys.

I am seeing things TOTALLY differently since starting CYPW eight weeks ago. I have learned to be open and honest, ask for help and go with the flow. I am now UNAFFECTED by change and am happy to face myself and move forward.

Things are TOTALLY different for me now. I know where I want to go and how to get there.

Since doing CYPW I have realised that I am powerful, resilient and can cope with anything.

CYPW is ideal for anyone who feels stuck, helpless, hopeless and is ready for real change."


Jayne Kirner

"I now feel more in control of my health and more able to adapt to different situations.

I would recommend Create Your Perfect Weight to anyone who needs to boost themselves mentally and receive Rachel’s excellent coaching skills."


Penny Odey

"The way I look at food is different. The way I think about exercise is different and yes I’ve lost weight and want to carry on and my blood pressure has reduced. I really enjoyed your sessions, felt energised afterwards and would recommend CYPW to anyone with allergies, who is overweight and depressed."


Rachel Dean Williams

"I have a much better relationship with my body and food. I feel more connected with myself. I don’t want to put crappy foods in to my body anymore.

For anyone who is not comfortable with their body, CYPW helps you to re-connect, make better choices and respect your body – Do it!"

Facebook Pure Energy Coaching Feedback June 2016


Andrea Kynock

"Working with Rachel as my Coach in a group is helping me to turn around my life both personally and in my business.

Rachel is very professional in her approach to Coaching and shows friendliness and discretion. She is caring and caters for my needs by showing understanding through active listening and interpreting so that her approaches are tailored to me as well as the group. The sessions challenge my thinking and are fun at the same time!

With Rachel's support and guidance I am gaining clarity and self-confidence and am moving my business forward quickly. Between sessions Rachel's words and instruction stay with me to guide me through life, popping up in my head at the right time, just when I need them!

I feel empowered and motivated.

Thank you Rachel!"


Leah Robinson

"I have worked with Rachel to help me work through various issues that I needed to resolve.

She has so many 'tools' at her disposal and is able to assist with accuracy and intuition from all angles.

She has the ability to help cut through habitual layers with speed and graceful humour.

Working with Rachel is surprising, enjoyable and really gets results."


Nikki Ross

"Having known Rachel in a business capacity and through a personal experience of her people coaching, I can honestly say she can help you make the best changes in your life.

Rachel has a unique way of understanding exactly where you are and helps you work through any barriers that might be stopping you from achieving your goals.

Rachel has bags of energy and her friendly, supportive nature makes you feel relaxed and comfortable even when discussing the most sensitive of issues.

I had a couple of private coaching sessions with Rachel a few years ago which really helped me deal with a couple of issues I had as I was building my business.

We covered a lot of ground and Rachel helped me learn a lot about myself and my thought patterns in a very short space of time. The coaching sessions not only focused on one element of my life but lots of different factors that were all contributing to the main cause of the issue.

Shortly after my sessions with Rachel, I made a number of positive changes in my life, which ultimately in time led to a new relationship, a more positive mindset and an open mind to progress forward with my business.

In general the long-term effect of my coaching with Rachel was an open mindset that inevitably helped me feel strong enough to face specific things head on without hesitation.

Rachel has a very professional approach, is always on your level and is very good at helping you interpret the way you are feeling.

The results will depend on what you yourself are prepared to put in and your willingness to learn and explore your thoughts and feelings.

However, in essence if you are looking to make some positive changes in your life and want to feel more in control of the decisions you make, then talk to Rachel to see how she can help you on your journey to bigger and better things."


Yvonne Parkins

"I joined Rachel's Group Coaching Course with interested anticipation tinged with a little healthy skepticism. I needn't have been skeptical!

The course is delivering all that Rachel said it would and more.

The monthly sessions are hugely enjoyable, very thought provoking and promote positive life changing action in a simple, painless way.

Rachel's infectious enthusiasm and skillful delivery of her messages carries you along.

I can't speak highly enough of Rachel's ability and commitment to help people change their habits or adopt new ones to improve the quality of their lives."


Caroline Lewis

"It has been truly inspirational working with Rachel's support as she has shown me how to identify my realistic ambitions and shown me in a logical, feasible way how to achieve these.

I feel more confident as a riding instructor and in my field of healing."


Rachel Warlow

"I love Rachel's method. It's simple, fun and easy - and it works!"


Corinne Castle

"Pure Energy Coaching has helped me focus on my business and life goals and I can see more clearly how to achieve my aims. Thank you Rachel!"


Michelle Gee

"Rachel, I wish to thank you for the joint session that you facilitated with JD Owen when my mum was unexpectedly dying a couple of years ago.

I was feeling extremely vulnerable. I had a huge amount of abuse and neglect growing up and my mother had never been present for me.

As she was dying, she requested my constant company so I chose to change and heal as much of our relationship as I could. It was challenging to endure the extreme judgment of my family who really didn't want me being with her and to move past my own judgment of the wrongness of her and myself.

When I met with you and JD for the session, something very profound happened between the three of us that allowed me to venture beyond all my thoughts, feelings, emotions and limitations into a space where I knew everything I was aware of was actually possible for me.

I am so very very grateful for you.

The resolve my mother and I had when she died was something that had never seemed possible.

This one session changed everything and since then I have been creating my life from that space and clarity of ease and possibilities. Thank YOU."


Sarah Hyde

"Working with Rachel has changed the way I think, the way I talk to others and the way I talk to myself. I have more confidence and am making exciting changes both in business and personally.

Rachel can assist you make big changes in your life too!"


Jamie Taylor

"I decided to try Rachel's techniques as I have unsuccessfully tried many other methods to remove a mental and emotional block that was preventing me from achieving what I knew I could.

I did arrive for the session with an open mind, and faith, but did not AT ALL expect the fast turn around that happened!

It really only took one day.

And it really was quite simple. And the positive side effects that I did not expect or ask for are excellent bonuses to the entire process.

Rachel used what felt like several different angles and methods during our session and explained them all well, while creating a permanent change.

You can spend your money on things and it wont fix anything. You can spend your money on a holiday and the effect is only temporary.

Rachel’s techniques and talents are life changing and priceless.

Highly recommended."


Nicola Kirkman

"I met Rachel in 2010 when I was feeling lost and lacking self-esteem. Our 1-1 coaching sessions helped me gain the confidence and clarity I was searching for in my personal relationships, my relationship with myself and with my career as a self-employed artist.

We initially spent 3 consecutive days working together, it was intense but Rachel has a wonderful way of helping me to open my mind and look at things in a different light, which bought about rapid and permanent change!

I am truly grateful that we met and I highly recommend Rachel if you want improvement and positive change in any area of your life!"


Pam Messer

"Working with Pure Energy Coaching as part of a group has helped me to focus on my business goals in a safe environment.

The process has been very enlightening with new thought processes and activities designed to help me realise my business potential.

I wanted to take the practice to the next level and so I also embarked on a 1:1 coaching program, which has reinforced and built upon the strategies I have been learning.

Rachel is an energetic and empathetic coach and it is impossible not to tap into some of this leaving you enthused to form new habits and heal the not so helpful ones."


Monique Saunders

"Rachel helped me and my son during a difficult time in our lives. Her assistance in helping us discover our full potential and eliminating our limiting beliefs helped put us back on track.

This assistance didn't stop with the coaching as I still to this day some five or so years on able to achieve anything I set my mind on doing without undermining my own progress with limiting beliefs with such clarity and ease of how I'm going to get there.

I cannot thank you enough xx"


Jonathan Williams

"Once you have made a decision that you want to change a habit or your way of thinking, Rachel will assist your transformation with discussion, where she uses a set of approaches that clear blocks that are hidden from the conscious mind.

Rachel's coaching and guidance facilitates your self-healing because ultimately all change will come about from within."

poppie flower

Faith Gillingham

"Rachel was an absolute pleasure to work with. Professional, knowledgeable and extremely supportive. The things she has taught me are life long skills which can be applied in many areas of life and have helped to keep me calm and grounded throughout difficult times.

I can not recommend her enough!"


Karen Saunders

"I learnt so much with Rachel with regard to the language we use in particular as well as our habits and learnt behaviours, how we relate to ourselves and others.

As a yoga therapist I could recognise similarities to Patanjali's Yoga sutras about the mind and as a result of being inspired by Rachel, we did some work together combining NLP with Yoga philosophy and techniques.

I believe we both now incorporate aspects of both in our work helping others be the best they can be as well as in our personal lives. Thank you Rachel, I am very grateful."


Mark Langley

"I still find it hard to believe how easy it was stop my 20 year smoking habit in 2013 after Rachel's 1 hour talk in Carmarthen.

When she spoke, her enthusiasm shone through and over night after what she said, it was like a switch turned off. I have not wanted a cigarette since.

I felt like I was standing at the top of a 10 metre diving board and Rachel gave me the push I needed to stop.

Rachel checked in on me every now and again over the first twelve months, which made me feel really cared for.

I haven't looked back. Apart from saving thousands of pounds since the day I heard her speak about how to quit with ease, I feel great and can smell properly again."

Feedback for 1-1 Coaching

Private coaching during 6-months breakthrough & momentum


Michael Jones

"I love working with Rachel because aided by her enthusiasm and confidence, that there is a greater meaning to life and that we all have so much potential, I have been able to find greater depth in myself. I now know I am here for a reason and life is so much more exciting. I now have more determination to find my core spiritual connection and be the person I was born to be.


Rachel's enthusiasm is infectious. She has helped me take responsibility for myself rather than feel like a victim. She helped me reshape my view of the world so that I can feel so grateful for life.


If searching for greater meaning and purpose in life is something that appeals to you I have no hesitation in recommending Rachel to help you on your way.


What's changed for me since working with Rachel is that I've been to Guatemala to do moon course. A one month retreat that focuses on reconnecting with higher states of consciousness. This involved yoga meditation, fasting, silence and workshops on tarot astrology, pranayama breathing, the kaballah and kyballion. I am in no doubt that there are higher dimensions we can enter in to with will power patience self control and wisdom.


I feel I am responsible for making my world brighter.

I see spiritual growth as my priority after all spirit is the one thing we take with us when we die. I feel different about this now after working with Rachel because I am more certain of it."