"Anyone who wishes to 'wake up' and enjoy a deeply meaningful life, live in the moment and trust without hesitation their inner guidance, can experience extraordinary happiness, prosperity and good health as a by-product of working with me."

- Rachel

About Rachel

A head injury knocked me off course in 1997. Things that came to me naturally and easily weren’t easy anymore.

My focus, concentration, ability to absorb and retain information effortlessly was shattered, as was my confidence. I felt like I had lost parts of myself. This led to many poor decisions that damaged my health and happiness.


I overcame these challenges with great determination and transformed my life and abilities. I draw upon an amalgamation of different disciplines that I practise myself daily as a:

Results and Performance Coach, Hypnotherapist, Magnified Healer®, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner, Neurological Repatterning Trainer TM, Reiki Master, Sacred Geometry Practitioner.

This amazing set of modalities and skill sets are interwoven in to my daily mindful, meditative practices and way of life.

My daily practice fuses my experiences and qualifications within an accelerated learning techniques model to help me consciously create and manifest a life style of my dreams, every day.

I now experience a deeply empowered, happy, healthy and vibrant life every day.

I experience extraordinarily intuitive insights in myself and others that enable change and rapid transformations in both myself and others.

This means that can I teach anyone who is ready to make changes, how to:

  • powerfully transform past challenges, out dated belief systems and sub conscious programming
  • unlock the true spirit of excellence by expanding the possibilities of achievement through facilitating transformation in one or more areas of their life
  • lead a masterful life, from a sense of deep self-trust, that is aligned with their own unique sets of needs.

I train, coach, facilitate, motivate and stretch my clients in a very intuitive & engaging way that supports the accomplishment of their goals, from a place of spaciousness, ease, flow and most often with a sense of playfulness and fun.

Yes, change can be scary. So, I am here to help lighten things up while simultaneously raising the bar of possibility and facilitating the journey of the manifestation of elevated results at an accelerated rate.

Every time someone asks me to help them to access their own resourcefulness, find their inner strength, courage, peace and true happiness, I feel deeply humbled and grateful to be able to play a part.

I love the ripple effect of helping others to smile for the long term, by teaching how they can do it too.

My intention is to always be 100% transparent and to coach others who are ready, to receive results to the same if not higher level than I achieve consistently, every day.

With love and respect,