Rachel Jenkins Online is excited to share with you that we have a brand new website coming very soon for the ‘Rise to Shine’ Events.

Until that is ready you can buy EARLY BIRD tickets for the Rise to Shine Event at ICC Wales on 22 & 23 October 2022 by clicking on the image above which takes you to our secure ticketing platform. 

Any queries can be directed to support@racheljenkins.online or calling 079040172947 

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“Rachel is an energy bar in human form; but one that gives you sustainable direction, momentum and heaps of fun!” Philippa Davies, best-selling author and BAFTA Wales-winning originator.

Rachel’s inspirational story teaches readers how to transform the most difficult circumstances in to a life overflowing with joy by opening up her own heart with raw honesty, so that others may too. Her book also offers a precursor understanding of her renowned Rise & Shine meditation model, tracing her journey from fear to freedom. To find out more:

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There’s a voice inside all of us that yearns for us to feel deeply happy and fulfilled

When we can trust this voice without a shadow of a doubt, we can live in an expanded state of awareness, where creativity flows, happiness shows and health glows.

I wish I had had someone to help me understand what to do when life felt like it was going in the wrong direction, when I listened to the voices of others, rather than trusting my own. Now I know, I don’t need anyone else’s voice, I simply trust my own. Anyone can learn how to do this. This is FREEDOM.

If you feel challenged and your happiness is being compromised in some way, then join me now to learn how you can master your mind and design a new reality and way of being, that supports the creation of your most compelling wishes.

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“The Rise and Shine programme has been a wonderful journey of reconnection to the heart. It has given me simple tools that greatly help me to call in and create the way I want to live and feel each day.”

Jerome Flynn, Actor

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